Custom Machine Shop in Pennsylvania

North End Electric’s full-service machine shop expands far beyond basic motors. If you need a custom machine shop in Pennsylvania for your AC/DC motor or pump, we can help.

Our shop is located at 210 New Commerce Blvd, Hanover Township, PA 18706, near Wilkes-Barre. We offer custom machining, milling, welding, spray welding, metalizing fittings, keyway broaching, shafts, bearing and seal fit adjustments, balancing, and coupling.

We are here to serve you with our made-to-order machining services. Just let us know what you need, and North End Electric will deliver. Call (570) 825-7341 to talk directly to our machine shop branch.


Custom Machining
Milling of parts
Spray welding & metalizing fittings
Keyway broaching
Shafts both for new fabricated and repair
Bearing & seal fit adjustements
Up to a 500-ton press


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    What Does a Machine Shop Do?

    We put our customers first at our machine shop. That means we can manufacture and modify any kind of equipment you need, and all to your specific requirements. Our customers contract us to work on parts for all kinds of industries, and our extensive experience has made us efficient at handling even the most niche jobs.

    You know that precise cutting and shaping are required to manufacture the parts that will operate inside your machines. We understand the gravity of our work and make it our promise to deliver the highest quality of machining to you.

    We use a variety of equipment types to accomplish what you need, from milling and welding machines to grinders and presses. We are a full-service machine shop, so you never have to wonder if we can fulfill your request. For all of your machining needs, contact North End Electric’s Pennsylvania machine shop.

    Benefits of Custom Machining


    1. More Efficient

    It’s easy to think that custom-made machine parts increase production time and, therefore, that custom machining isn’t the most efficient route for your business. But it’s actually the opposite. When you come to us, you know we’ll deliver the parts you need to your exact specifications. You won’t waste any time trying to find what you need elsewhere since you know that we’ll manufacture your request and then keep your specs on file for the future.

    2. Reduced Risk of Error

    Some mass-produced machine parts might not necessarily fit your exact needs and can go to market with unique imperfections that may not work for you. At our custom machine shop, we work on requests personally as we receive them, so you won’t have to worry about manufacturing errors that slow down your operations.

    3. Made to Order

    We personalize everything about our custom machining to you. If you want to start with a few small orders and only scale the work later when you are ready for that, we will work with you. With custom machining, you pay only for what you need, with no waste left behind. That means you can predict your costs and capabilities and won’t have to encounter any nasty surprises.

    Our Custom Machining Services in Pennsylvania

    Our goal at our shop is to provide for all of your needs under one roof. To that end, we offer a comprehensive array of machine shop services, including:

    Custom Machining

    Through our custom machining services, we can create any tools, parts, or other materials you need, and we do it all to your specifications. North End Electric is proud to offer unique solutions to unique problems, so call us with whatever you need.

    Milling of Parts

    We use rotating cutters to mill material into the sizes and shapes you require for your production.


    We can weld multiple metal parts together to form the custom components you need.

    Spray Welding & Metalizing Fittings

    When your job requires the unique advantages of high-heat spray welding or metalizing fittings to protect them from rust and corrosion, North End Electric’s custom machine shop is here to help!

    Keyway Broaching

    Our machine shop uses precision-machining methods to cut any kind of keyway you need.


    We can machine custom shafts for rotating in motors, engines, and other applications that require power transfer.

    Bearing & Seal Fit Adjustments

    When the bearings on your machines’ rotating parts or the seal fittings around your conduit wires need adjustments, trust our machine repair shop to do the job right for you.


    All machines need balance to function correctly and not jeopardize the integrity of any components. We can balance your heavy equipment and make its operations smooth again.


    When any individual parts of your machinery need coupling, trust our machine shop to handle the job to your specifications.

    Up to a 500-Ton Press

    Our shop can press equipment up to 500 tons, making us the perfect option when you need that kind of heavy-duty machining.

    Contact Our Custom Machine Shop in Pennsylvania

    If you have any questions or are interested in a specific service, do not hesitate to contact our toll-free hotline at 1-800-933-7341.

    North End Electric’s machine shop is located in Wilkes-Barre/Hanover Township at 210 New Commerce Blvd, Hanover, PA 18706. Feel free to call this branch directly at (570) 825-7341. We look forward to fulfilling all of your custom machine requests!

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    Our Reviews

    Keith Lambert
    Keith Lambert
    You couldn’t ask for better service and Quality people. They have helped me out several times over the years. Super knowledgeable staff and willing to help troubleshoot and or rebuild electrical motors.
    buck Gilpin
    buck Gilpin
    Excellent service.
    Ike Butler
    Ike Butler
    Getting my pool pump rebuild
    Digna Ward
    Digna Ward
    Had what i needed, they are knowledgeable of the trade.
    Ernest Millon
    Ernest Millon
    The guys there are great, especially Anthony who personally took the time to find the precise brushes for my electric motor and get me going."five star" service.
    Y Va
    Y Va
    joe smulek
    joe smulek
    Very good guys to work with.