North End Electric is an experienced water filtration and wastewater plant maintenance facility that can meet all your motor and pump needs in tandem with our sister company, Environmental Services Corporation. Our wastewater treatment services in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey meet the highest standards of our municipal and government customers across the Tri-State area.

We offer our municipal partners services such as sewer jetting, sludge hauling, lift station maintenance, and septic pump inspection. North End’s fleet of field technicians provides unmatched service with 24/7 emergency repairs for your water and utility company. We have your back when something goes wrong across Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. You can call us even if it’s after hours!

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    Why Choose North End Electric and Environmental Services Corp. as Your Wastewater Treatment Company?

    Here are a few of the best reasons to work with North End Electric and Environmental Services Corp. when you need reliable wastewater treatment services in the Tri-State area:

    • Industry knowledge and experience: the teams at North End Electric and Environmental Services Corp. are experts in managing issues in municipal wastewater treatment. Our long experience means we can complete your repair and maintenance jobs correctly and efficiently.
    • Specialized equipment: municipalities and governments sometimes need to use heavy industrial equipment to maintain their operations. It can be expensive to acquire and retain this equipment, but with North End Electric and Environmental Services Corp., you get access to our equipment for a much lower cost.
    • Diligent preventative maintenance: it often costs less in the long run to maintain your wastewater facilities than to repair them once they’ve malfunctioned. We are happy to inspect your properties regularly to prevent expensive repairs later.

    Environmental Services Corp. Municipal Services:

    Here are the wastewater treatment services we offer municipalities in conjunction with Environmental Services Corporation:

    Manhole Rehabilitation

    Manholes are your access points to municipal sewer systems, where you can perform inspections and maintenance. We can repair damaged manholes while preventing leaks and other hazards from developing.

    Sewer Jetting

    The North End team uses high-powered water jets to clear out debris and other blockages in your municipal sewer lines. This prevents overflows and other disruptions.

    Hi-Vac Services

    North End Electric uses powerful vacuum trucks to remove solid and liquid waste from your municipality’s manholes and treatment facilities so they continue functioning optimally.

    Sewer Camera Inspection

    We use advanced technology to examine sewer lines remotely. This allows us to find and repair cracks, breaks, and root intrusions before they worsen and cause major malfunctions.

    Sludge Hauling

    North End Electric safely transports your treated wastewater sludge to the proper disposal facilities.

    Sewer Main Slip Line Repair

    Call us for help with repairing sewer main slip lines. Our trenchless repair solutions for damaged sewer mains reduce urban interruptions and minimize the environmental impact of more conventional excavation-based repairs.

    Lift Station Rehabilitation & Installation

    Cities and other municipalities rely on lift stations for pumping wastewater to higher elevations for treatment. North End Electric maintains, repairs, and installs lift stations to keep your operations flowing smoothly.

    Septic Pump Removal & Inspection

    Our field crews can remove old septic pumps and inspect new ones to ensure they continue working at peak levels.

    Other Wastewater Treatment Services in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey

    In addition to the above services, North End Electric and Environmental Service Corp. offer the following wastewater treatment services in the Tri-State area:

    • Residential septic tank installations, repairs, and pump-outs
    • Curb stop and valve key maintenance
    • Fire hydrant repairs and replacements
    • Sewer mainline and lateral maintenance
    • Wastewater leak detection
    • Car wash pit cleaning
    • Storm drain and catch basin maintenance
    • And more!

    Here at North End Electric, we understand the unique utility needs of municipalities and local governments. We are happy to exceed your expectations as we provide specialized services for your industry. If you have any questions or are interested in a specific service or product, contact our toll-free hotline at 1-800-933-7341.

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    Keith Lambert
    Keith Lambert
    You couldn’t ask for better service and Quality people. They have helped me out several times over the years. Super knowledgeable staff and willing to help troubleshoot and or rebuild electrical motors.
    buck Gilpin
    buck Gilpin
    Excellent service.
    Ike Butler
    Ike Butler
    Getting my pool pump rebuild
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    Digna Ward
    Had what i needed, they are knowledgeable of the trade.
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    Ernest Millon
    The guys there are great, especially Anthony who personally took the time to find the precise brushes for my electric motor and get me going."five star" service.
    Y Va
    Y Va
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    joe smulek
    Very good guys to work with.